About Me

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Inspired by African Heritage, Art, Architecture and Research. 

I am a contemporary artist driven by material, process and techniques. I predominantly work with base and precious metals making thought provoking abstract sculptural form jewellery and objects that explore people relationships and connection within the surrounding of public spaces. I believe that our surroundings influence every aspect of our lives whether at home or in other variety of places. 

Like alchemist my curiosity of materials led me to explore the chemistry, parallel and fusion of metal and glass. I experiment and developed my own metal alloy which I successfully mix with glass and kiln-cast into aesthetic form of art objects in abstract colour. The exploration and experimentation of materials and techniques not only allow me to be creative but it does also evoke my passion to make.

I use both ancient and modern techniques in my work.

It is my aspiration to engage the viewers with my work to form their own connections.